Business and marketing trainings


This training covers the fundamental areas during a business planning process, preparing a business and marketing strategy, turning the strategy into a marketing plan and its execution.


The main modules of the training include:

  1. Deep market and company dive – we look at the category, the competition, the customers and the company’s resources.
  2. Macro trends -how to define and take advantage of the ones influencing our business.
  3. Business growth strategy and prioritising of resources.
  4. Portfolio strategy – which products/services to develop for growth and which to discontinue.
  5. Brand vision – top 10 must-dos for a recognizable brand architecture.
  6. Brand communication strategy – how to define the points of contact and to use one tone of voice.
  7. Turning the strategy into action – what we do, when, how and with what budget.

This training is advanced marketing and is recommended for marketing and communications managers.


The training is adapted to your company’s/team’s specific needs and all exercises are with your brands.


The training is 2 days – theory and practice + 2 more days can be added with review of the company’s specific cases.


The good client brief is extremely important for the agency to push its creative mind. And still being within your brand strategy and vision.


This training covers the main stages of creating an Integrative Communications Brief.


The main modules of the training include:

  1. What is integrated communication and its nine criteria for success.
  2. Creating an Integrative Communications Brief – the key elements and a working template.
  3. Creating a core creative idea and expanding it into a communication campaign.
  4. An advanced method for identifying the connection points with focus on exit and enter points. 
  5. Expanding the key message of the campaign.

This training is for marketing and communications managers, who work with agencies.


The training is adapted for each company as we work on a communications brief for a specific company project.


The training’s duration is 1 day.

We offer various business and marketing trainings. And we often create new ones as per specific client’s requests. Contact us for more information.

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Do you need a tailor-made marketing training for your team? Contact us – we will create it for you.