Business analysis and marketing strategy to take your business to its next level

Our most demanded service is Business & Situation Diagnostics. We deliver an objective and deep dive analysis into your portfolio of products and services, sales and costs structures, your brand health, your communication’s effectiveness and relevancy, the relationship with your partners… and much more.


This Diagnostics helps us pull together a full picture of:

  • your business growth potential
  • obstacles to growth
  • the resources of your company
  • the relationships with your business partners
  • your competitive advantage
  • the main trends driving your industry
  • the affection your clients have with your products/services
  • your customers’ reasons to buy your products, or not…
  • the real effect of your communication.

The end result is a strategy designed just for you! And it doesn’t stop you from dreaming big, but it does mean drastic prioritization and funnelling your biz energy mode.


Simply put, you get clarity on what, how and why is happening, so you can make decisions like:

  • what should remain
  • what should be let go
  • what to change or transform
  • what to create,

so you can achieve your business goals in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Questions & Answers that keep us growing:

Are you maximizing your business potential?

What are the key trends in your industry and how do you use them in your business? (Do you, actually?)

Who buys your product/service and how do they make the buying decision?

How important you really are for your partners?

How much competition is in your competitive advantage?

Does your product/service/brand meet your clients’ emotional needs?

Who is your target audience, is it properly segmented, prioritized and taken care of, so your business gets laser-focused?

Where to start, which is critical, and which is nice to have?

Does your brand break through the communication’s noise or does it contribute to it?

Your next steps: are they well defined and synchronized with your longer term’s objectives?

Are your resources distributed the right way, in alignment with your top priorities?

Are you ready to grow?