(Re)Building your MARKETING fundamentals

Advertising without a strategy is a waste of money. You need to be confident that you have the right product at the right price, that reaches the right customer with the right media at the right time.


These elements we call marketing fundamentals.

We help you build these fundamentals. We act as your super experienced outsourced marketing department, which will create, execute and calibrate your strategy.


The strategic (or otherwise known as SUCCESSFUL) marketing is not about the huge budget. It is about the maximum effect with your existing budget.

For example, let’s talk about websites.


A successful website is one of the most important marketing fundamentals. It must be build on your archetype and the messages should be focused on your customers, not on your company. This is the storytelling model:


Your customer is your hero, who has a problem. He/she meets you – his/her mentor, who has a plan to solve the problem and inspires him/her to take action. The hero achieves success and avoids failure. 


We expand together these seven steps of the storytelling model on all pages of your website in different, yet complementing ways.

Every business is different and needs different key marketing tools.


Here are some examples what else we can do for you as your outsourced marketing department:

Prioritising your core product/service/offer and how to position it the right way.

Optimization of your product portfolio – which products to grow, which to sustain and which to discontinue.

Increasing customer’s LTV – cross selling and upselling strategies.

Helping you create the agency briefs – so you can inspire your agencies, but remain within your strategic needs.

Helping you evaluate creative and media agency proposals.

How to choose your social cause – and how to integrate it with your business.

Building an employer brand – how to turn your employees into your ambassadors.


Choosing your main communication channel and maximizing its potential.

Expansion of content – maximizing the use of one content piece within various media channels.

Building your marketing funnel – moving a customer from “I have never heard about them” to “Loving this brand.”


Both big and small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their marketing department.


Our clients trust us when they:

  • start their own business;
  • grow their own business, hire new people and build their capabilities;
  • evaluate, plan and develop their corporate marketing and communications teams.

Ready to grow? Contact us to see all we can do for you.