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Consistency is probably the biggest undervalued component of any long-term endeavour. In our work we strive to create a whole new eco-system of collaborations that is solid enough to eliminate distractions and help our clients apply their Strategies with consistency.

Be persistent

Great marketing strategy needs space and patience to grow and deliver. We stand by your side and walk along while this process unveils. Getting results needs persistency and we help our clients stay focused and resilient when market starts to respond to their Strategy.

and Have faith

We have many beliefs. One thing we unapologetically believe in though, is having faith itself. We, @Tingle Minds have faith in our clients. We have faith in our clients` ideas, driving passions and uncanned ability to grow in a stronger, more meaningful way, with us by their side.


When we start a new project together it is led by a core tingle mind strategist – Gergana Zheleva or Kristina Kaneva, who also form the custom team that is a best fit for your project.

Combining multiple years in business operations, brand management and strategy design, we are humbly proud with 15+ years in corporate marketing in Coca-Cola and P&G. In the last 6 years we focused on helping smaller businesses grow.

All our experience and marketing passion we also use to develop our marketing and business trainings.

Kristina Kaneva

'Every great idea deserves great marketing. See the difference good marketing can make for your business.'

Gergana Zheleva

'Your brand`s story and your numbers make business sense together. Unfold your story and the numbers will follow.'

Other tingling minds & partners we collaborate with:

Radko Zhelev

Sales & Marketing Manager

A digitally tingling mind, is our product development go-to.

Miladin Miladinov

Senior Web Developer

A mind that tingles commercially, is our go-to man to put your idea on the market.

Senior Web Developer

There is always a free spot for collaboration!

Some why-us from our clients

Kristina: Would you recommend my services? And why?

'Absolutely. For companies that strive to develop own strategic marketing function or to upgrade their entrepreneurial intuition with solid arguments, it is a must-do to invite you on-board. Exceptionally rich experience that you have can also be instrumental in resolving practical issues and various cases, as part of the business routine.'

Zhelyazko Gagov

Head of Marketing at Optix JSC

We have worked with Gergana on numerous international and local projects for several years and she has been delivering us the services as a consultant. Gergana contributed a lot to our team performance as she is dynamic, resourceful and truly efficient in problem solving. She is able to get her ideas across clearly and precisely, which is essential for our type of work. She is a valuable partner, building for working relations on the principles of trust, knowledge and love.
I highly recommend her as a strategic partner.

Mariana Petrova

Managing director and partner, Zenith Advertising and Communications

Kristina: Would you recommend my services, and why?

“Absolutely. Every business that targets growth and expansion needs a solid marketing strategy. Developed by a consultant who knows what she does. High professionalism and individual solutions.``

Mihaela Georgieva

Leadership coach at leaders.bg

Gergana: Would you recommend my services, and why?

“I would and I actually do – it is a relief to be able to recommend someone, whom I know is capable to step in and contribute in any phase of the business. Exceptional way to look at the market place, hard core marketing delivered in understandable way, interactions with team-members of diverse backgrounds and seniority - flawless.”

Valentina Taligarova

Creativepreneur, owner at Còshara baby

Kristina: Would you recommend my services and why?

'I recommend with pleasure your marketing services! You combine the expert and constructive advice with caring and attentive attitude towards your clients. I felt supported and well-guided during our work together. In order to step-up my business I received the strategic outside review and recommendation I needed.'

Mimi Doncheva

Founder at homeyoga.bg

Gergana: What made you consider getting help from a consultant?

'Despite my previous experiences, the nature of my own business-to-be was totally different and far from them . So, I needed to get better understanding of the market I was about to operate in.
In reality I got tons of practical help in defining and analyzing my market – size and value, analyzing all the financial data to build my P&L, and the most valuable – concrete ideas and direction on naming and branding that were based on my own brand archetype and fitting with my concept of worth. '

Valentina Taligarova

Creativepreneur, owner at Còshara baby