Brand archetype – the heart of every brand

After working with tens of clients, their brands and teams, and not one miss in the results, we already know – the archetype is the heart of the brand and the successful business collaboration.


Our work together always starts with defining the brand archetype for the client: every entrepreneur and business owner unconsciously, through their archetype, projects part of themselves in the business and the brand they create.


That is why brands, just like people, have character. If and to what extent, we as consumers feel attracted to a brand defines our decision to buy that brand or not.


People connect with the idea they have for the brand. The idea they immediately associate with the brand, when they see, read, hear or otherwise be stimulated by the brand’s communication.



The heart of every brand is its archetype. The main archetypes are 12, known as:  Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Outlaw, Magician, Hero, Lover, Jester, Everyman, Caregiver, Ruler, Creator.


Their genius is in the ability to tell universal stories to our subconscious and they never get obsolete. Movies, books, mythology, religion – we find them everywhere, they communicate the same, consistent coded messages. We all carry a part of each of the 12 archetypes, and this part can be “activated” under certain circumstances. That special ability makes the archetype method in advertising so successful in connecting the brand with its desired target audience.


Defining the brand archetype is not so much a choice, but rather defining/resurfacing the already existing subconscious. We do that with a carefully created and proven protocol.


We successfully apply our Archetype diagnostics, when we work on your:

  • Business brand
  • Personal Brand
  • СЕО/leader’s brand

We also apply it to define the archetype connectedness of your entire team. That helps build a more united team and delegating tasks to the most emotionally suitable team member.

How knowing your archetype can help your business?


All entrepreneurs or business owners subconsciously project themselves in the business they create. As the business grows, it starts recruiting people, each of them with their own dominant archetype. And if there is not a clearly defined brand framework, sometimes different people can influence important decisions based on their preference (liking/disliking) rather than objective feedback.


The archetypes do not set limitations. They are a prism, a magnifying lens, for us to see and better understand ourselves. And to see and understand what people we attract to ourselves, our team, our brand and our business. 

Tingle Minds – Behind the Scenes


We do not create your brand, but rather help you show it authentically. Let’s start with ourselves:


Hello, we are Tingle Minds and our brand archetype is Companion (sub archetype to the Lover archetype family).


If you are a business ready to grow – it is important for you to know, that we ride along with you, we roll up our sleeves anytime it is necessary and we love pushing you to gain a starting speed  (it can be a wind in the sails or a kick in the b∗∗t 😉). We stay and work with each client exactly as long as it is necessary.

The archetypes help us find the not so obvious answers to:

Where are the boundaries of our brand? And how to choose our partners and partnerships?

Which way is better for your brand, product and service – personalization or unification?

To communicate about the process/testing/production or to concentrate on the solution and the result?

Do our employees and partners support our brand’s promises to the consumers?

Who are our people, how we attract them and why they choose us? (spoiler alert: it is not about the pricing! )

Which are our authentic ways to show we care for our customers?

What to choose – beautiful designs with high quality or raw pictures “behind the scene”?

How to stop obsessing about the competition and that makes everyone win?


What are the subconscious leading forces in our team? How to re-combine them so every team member can show their full potential?

Which are best people to assign to the team according to the specific needs of the project?

What is the importance of achieving results for each member of the team? How each one defines the meaning of success/accomplishment/results?



We offer Archetype Diagnostics also as a separate service to our clients.

  • Protocol (you fill it in for 20 minutes) – Results (we analyse them) – Analysis, brand framework and practical next steps ( you receive a document about 15 pages/brand) – Meeting to discuss the results.
  • Standard deadline: 1 week
  • Price: 1000 bgl/ 1 brand, +100 bgl for each additional (for teams and business co-owners). Prices exclude VAT.

Archetype Branding results can be used to brief a designer, to create brand content, to calibrate your teams… It becomes the framework for any strategic next steps for your business.

Ready to grow your brand?