Speak up strategy

SPEAK UP is Business Strategy being spoken up and concreted with objectives.

It is Marketing Strategy being designed to deliver the Business Strategy.

#21daysintensive is the least we can say about SPEAK UP phase of our work. For 21 very intensive days we work together on your Brand Strategy, Portfolio Strategy, External and Internal Communication Strategy, until we deliver one single, well integrated Marketing Strategy.

Just some of the “things” our clients unavoidably experience when we SPEAK UP:

Your business purpose is (re)formulated to speak up and lived by all stakeholders.

Your product/service gets its unique BRAND make-over.

Your brand is positioned to reposition your competition.

A new brand/proposition is developed to capture newly defined customer needs and business opportunity.

Your products/services are redesigned to meet the emotional needs of your consumers.

You have clear focus which products/services to grow, which to sustain, which to discontinue.

Your target audience is segmented and prioritized to ensure business focus.

You have clear steps defined how to move a client from not knowing about you to loving your brand.

Your resources are defined and allocated as per business priorities.

Your Strategy Integration is clear, understandable and actionable across your organization – vertically and horizontally.

Your immediate next steps are well-informed and on the path to your longer term objectives.

If you don’t have a business yet, but just a great idea, SPEAK UP can give you clear steps how to turn that idea into a working business. We will help you design your products and voice to tell your customers about them. We will help you prioritise your resources, because money is usually tight in the beginning. And we will share some marketing tactics to ease your solo-start.

SPEAK UP is about us tingling your mind to gear your ‘golden nuggets’ and make your business unique, relevant and worth paying for.

By the end of SPEAK UP you will have a clear integrated strategy that kicks your business to its next growth level.

Ready to see in detail all we can do for you?