Ride along to grow

What a journey, wasn’t it?

Now that you have borrowed our brains, hearts and networks for some #63daysandmore, you have pushed the (re)start button of your business for the external world.

We still will RIDE ALONG with you for 3 more months. These months are our GIFT to you because we want to help with the rolling out of your plan. We will see the first results and analyse the first data in so we can do a course correct if needed. The external world (clients, partners, competition) will react to your marketing and together we need to be flexible to make changes to reflect these reactions.

At the end of our journey together, there are some good news and some better news…

You have been part of profound marketing work, professional to the bone!

And probably you have developed a taste for it.

Now you are aware – pushing the start button is worth doing


What happens after we do all that tremendous work together?

Together we can RIDE ALONG in different ways:

Route 1: You have grown your marketing capabilities while working with us, so you are ready to go without our help. We celebrate together and relocate our Tingle Minds to another client’s business case.

Route 2: We continue to stand by and RIDE ALONG with you, ready to step in and contribute on a regular basis. We analyse the on-going results and reflect them in the plan to go, keeping your Strategy solid. Standing-by helps detect and proactively work on challenges before they grow into issues and surely before they hit your business.
And when your business outgrows your current Strategy, we start a new strategic cycle together.

Ready to see in detail all we can do for you?