Listen to understand

This is the start of our business journey together.

It is a challenge. A #31dayschallenge to only “listen” and understand,

  • your business growth potential
  • your growth stoppers
  • your company’s resources
  • the relationship with your business partners
  • your competitive advantage
  • the key trends in your industry
  • your consumers’ love for your products/services
  • your shoppers’ reason to buy
  • the real effect of your communication

LISTEN is a 31-day joint business and marketing assessment work between you as a client and us as your marketing consultant, before we tap into strategy design.



There could be a temptation here:

a. You might be tempted to convince us to do it faster;

b. We will be coping with the desire to give you the first and most obvious solution right away.

Quick solutions are not a bad thing per se, however they are obvious to many, if not to everybody. And obviously this is not what brought you here. Neither did urgency for magic marketing pills, so…

What probably does keep you reading, are some of the

questions we find insightful answers to:

Are you maximizing your business

growth potential?

Why the business growth has slowed down or stopped?

Which are the key trends in your industry

and how are you reflecting them

in your business?

Who are your consumers and how do they

view your products/services?

Who are your shoppers and how do they

decide to buy your products

and services?

Who are your business partners and is

your relationship with them profitable?

What is your competitive advantage and

how are you staying ahead of

the competition?

Is your product/service a brand (that

goes beyond great logo)?

Is your brand cutting-through “the noise”?

Or it is part of the noise (ouch!)?

What are the right resources to sustain

the business growth?

Where to start from, what is critical, and what is next to it?

If you don’t have a business yet, but just a great idea, we can still help. During LISTEN we will verify your idea for growth potential and attach the financial numbers to it.

LISTEN is about us tingling your mind to discover new points of view on your own business.

Start asking new questions, maybe questions you never considered important before, or even questions that might have been avoided on purpose..?

Upon completion of LISTEN, we will have created together a good deck of analysis on your unique situation. It will help us to map and prioritise our joint efforts and to allocate the right resources.

Strategy only takes on from here.

Ready to see in detail all we can do for you?