Action plan

We only happen to reach ACTION when previous two phases (LISTEN & SPEAK UP) have been delivered.

Examples of some plans we can develop /not all will be needed for your business/:

  • Content Marketing plan
  • Marketing Communication plan
  • Social media plan
  • Experiential marketing plan
  • Influencers reach plan
  • Internal engagement plan

One of the biggest mistakes we observe with our clients is they start with this phase. They are so eager to do /that facebook ad, that leaflet, that blog post/ because if we do advertising, we will have sales.


Advertising without strategy is throwing money away. You need to be sure that you have the right product at the right price, that you reach the right client at the right time. Successful (or Strategic?) marketing is not about having big budgets but about maximising the effect of any budget spent.

Successful marketing is all about putting strategy first.

Our ACTION plan is setting your Integrated Marketing Strategy to live for the next months. Simply said, you will know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

We spend #11daystoremember to detail your marketing plan and hand it over for execution.

Each Marketing Plan integrates specific plans depending on your business. Some examples of specific plans are:

Content Marketing plan – what content to produce and how to activate it

Communication plan – when and what to communicate to your clients

Social media plan – when and what to communicate in the right social media

Experiential marketing plan – how your clients can experience your brand

Influencers reach plan – when and how to engage the right influencers

Internal engagement plan – when and how to excite your employees

Social cause integration plan – how to leverage social cause in the business

If you don’t have a business yet, but just a great idea, ACTION is absolutely crucial for you. Because you need to do the absolute crucial few elements that will fuel the start of the business.

When we hand you the Integrated Marketing Plan, it is time to start the execution. Execution is excellent production of all advertising materials defined as necessary in the Marketing Plan.

Execution is past our #11daystoremember and how long it takes depends on the partners you bring on board. You can do the execution in-house, continue working with agencies and freelancers you know or meet some of our recommended partners.

We will continue to be by your side and help:

  • select agencies and/or experts to work with;
  • brief them for the executions needed; and
  • evaluate the work they deliver to you.

By the end of ACTION (Marketing Plan + Execution) you will be ready to win your clients.

Ready to see in detail all we can do for you?